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Snowplows in Rockville, Maryland

Truck Equipment Show — Snow Equipment in Rockville, MD
Pro-Tech Snow Plows — Snowplows in Rockville, MD
Pro-Tech Snow Pusher — Spreaders in Rockville, MD
See R & B Steel Fabrications INC in Rockville, Maryland, first for all your snow removal equipment and repair services. We feature snowplows, snow pushers, salt spreaders, and sand spreaders.
In addition to snow removal equipment, our center also features van and truck equipment. We also have truck bodies and hitches.

Our Snow Removal Equipment

We offer Western snowplows and accessories used on SUVs and larger trucks. Choose from a variety of models that include:
  • Pro
  • Pro-Poly
  • Pro-Plus
  • Standard
  • MVP Plus-Plow
  • Wideouts
  • Suburbanite Personal Use
  • Heavyweight Plows


Western spreaders are available in regular and high capacity hopper spreaders made with steel and stainless steel, pro-flo spreaders with a variety of mounting designs, along with various tailgate spreaders. We also offer Buyer's Products and SnowEx.
Salt Dogg Salt Spreaders - Rockville, MA - R

Snow Pushers

Snow Plow — Snow Equipment in Rockville, MD
Snow Plows on Truck — Snow Removal in Rockville, MD
Snow Plows Ready for Installation — Snow Plows in Rockville, MD
Pro-Tech snow pushers with quick change attachment. Move a mountain of snow with these snow pushers attached to your loaders, backhoes, skid-steers, tractors, and forklifts. Ideal for clearing parking lots quickly and some models have specially patented ice scraping technology (IST).
Contact us in Rockville, Maryland, today for more information about our snowplows, truck equipment, and accessories.